Latest Version 4.2.0

Sbt Coordinates

Add the following to your build configuration:

// main artifact
libraryDependencies += "ch.jodersky" %% "akka-serial-core" % "4.2.0"

// "fat" jar containing native libraries
libraryDependencies += "ch.jodersky" % "akka-serial-native" % "4.2.0" % "runtime"

// support for Akka streams
libraryDependencies += "ch.jodersky" %% "akka-serial-stream" % "4.2.0"

Supported Platforms*

Linux (glibc >= 2.4)x86_64
Darwin (Mac OSX >= 10.8)x86_64

*These are the platforms for which a native library is included in the fat jar release. akka-serial is POSIX compatible so it can be built for a lot more platforms.

Release Notes

Consult the release notes for important changes.


akka-serial depends on Akka 2.6 and requires a Java runtime version of 1.8. It is released for Scala binary versions 2.12 and 2.13.

Previous Versions

Archived releases are available in GitHub releases.